Science-Backed Mindset Training for Athletes 

Discover the Same Game-Changing Mindset Skills the World’s Top Athletes Use to Compete & Perform at the Highest Levels...

MindSize is a mindset training program designed to train anyone - from fitness enthusiasts to world-class athletes - to reach and sustain peak mental and physical performance while engaged in any type of athletic activity.

Science-Backed Mindset Training for Athletes 

Unleash The Same Game-Changing Mindset Skills The World’s Top Athletes Use To Compete & Perform At The Highest Levels...

MindSize is a mindset training program designed to train anyone - from occasional exercisers to world-class athletes - to reach and sustain peak mental and physical performance while engaged in any type of athletic activity.


I’m Christian Straka - Global Mindset Coach for adidasRunners™ and a longtime professional athlete and coach. For the past decade, I’ve been teaching the development of mindset skills in sports and competition to adidas™ Runners, as well as to my personal clients which range from amateur all the way to world-class professional athletes.

And over the past decade, an important discovery that I’ve made is...

The world's most elite athletes all share a common trait...they have highly developed  mindset skills which enable them to perform with laser-like focus, while managing pain, self-doubt and stress during competition.

And yes, anyone can develop these metal skills through training and practice.

One of the most common sayings I hear all the time in sports is that 90% of performance is mental. 

How many times have you heard an athlete or coach say...

“You have to train your mind as much as you train your body.” 


"The difference between 1st and 5th is all in your head."

Everyone knows how important your mindset is during competition...

But most athletes and coaches spend 100% of their time focusing on the physical aspects of the sport.

As a result... most athletes and coaches struggle to develop the mental practices they need to be able to fight through times of intense pressure, stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

They don’t know how to train themselves to be ready for the times when what’s going on between their ears is even more important than what they are doing physically...

Like when you need to keep pushing after the 19th mile but you’ve lost all strength and the will to keep going...

Or it's the last day of the tourney with nine holes left to take your 1 stroke lead back into the clubhouse for the win...

Or you’re down and you need to refocus between sets…

Or you go in cold in the middle of a game and you need to come in “hot…”

Or you need to tune everything else out and sink a couple free throws when the game is on the line...

Or you're pushing limits with a triathlon and you want tools to help you deal with the pain, fatigue and self-doubt...

If the difference between 1st and 5th really is “all mental”, why isn’t anyone training the MIND to be at peak performance too?

Even though the reasons to develop a mindset practice are obvious, the path to doing it successfully...isn’t.

It’s called the mental training paradox...

You know you need to train your mind just as much as you train your body in order to reach your optimal performance and sustain it... but you don’t really know how to train your mind. 

And most coaches don’t know how to do it either...

Instead, they end up telling their athletes things like: 

“Get your head in the game!” 

“You’re overthinking it. Just play!” 

“You’re too in your head!” 

Even though they may be right, they can’t provide any practical tools to help their athletes get out of their heads and back in the game. 

And don’t get me wrong... I love all the mindset and meditation apps that are all the rage lately. 

But more than anything, what you need is help right in the middle of a marathon, or when the game is on the line! And in that moment you can't take out your phone to listen to a guided meditation.  

Calm sounds and rhythms may be great for pre-game jitters (and for going to sleep), but what skills are you developing that you can tap into at the moment you need them the most?

So what creates this mental training paradox? What keeps athletes from developing and practicing mindset skills?

Here’s how we see it: 

1) No Training - You can toss someone into the deep end of the pool but is that the best way to teach them how to swim? Coaches and athletes may know that a mindset shift is necessary to be a top competitor but they have no idea how to integrate mindset training into their routine.  

2) No Skills - Most people have never been taught the science backed tools and techniques that you can use DURING COMPETITION to pull yourself out of your head and back “into the zone”. In fact, they’re not even sure they know what mindset training is. 

3) No Time - Athletes think they’re way too busy to add yet another form of training into their packed schedule. And adding something like mental training just isn’t worth the effort to learn. 

4) No Way - Many athletes fear that changing up their game, or their running, or their sports mentality will mess with their current rhythm. They think that changing their mindset will cause more harm than good to the way they perform.

But times are changing...

And this mental training paradox may be over for good...

The Next Great Competitive Edge Is Here

Over the past few years, mental fitness has been gaining popularity among the world’s largest sports franchises... 

And even though mental fitness is a growing trend in the field of athletic performance, there still aren’t that many athletes or coaches who really know how to implement it into their training routines.  

Until now...

I’d like to introduce you to a completely new approach to athletic mindset training that's having breakthrough results with athletes of ALL levels...

What you’re about to discover is more than “getting in the zone,” it’s about accessing a higher level of performance and having the right tools you need to sustain it over the long term.

There’s no more lack of time, no more lack of training & skills, and no more fear involved in implementing mindset skills into your athletic performances.

And here’s the best part...

When you gain mastery of mindset skills, it will have a direct and dramatic positive effect on all aspects of your life.  It's like the master key to not only 100% holistic sports performance enhancement, but the evidence-backed positive outcomes that you've heard so much about will ripple through all parts of your daily life. 

So let me ask you this...

What if you found the key to unlocking your true potential? 

What if you could be unafraid of slumps and mental fatigue, and not weighed down by a lack of focus when the pressure rises? 

What if you could gain the competitive edge that has previously only been available to the world’s highest-level athletes?


MindSize is a unique and completely revolutionary framework for athletes to develop game-changing mindset skills to compete at their highest levels with consistency and ever-increasing duration.

"MindSize is a NEW WAY of Doing Sports...Not Just Adding Something New to What You're Already Doing."

- Christian Straka

For eight consecutive weeks, you'll learn high-performance mindset skills normally only available to elite athletes.

MindSize isn’t so much a training program as it is a high performance playbook.

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies and science behind everything that we teach, but more importantly, you’ll have a personalized, step-by-step game plan for practicing your mindset before, during and after competition, all customized for you and your strengths.

The end result: Reaching new levels of PEAK mental and physical performance with tools that you can use to start, maintain, and increase your readiness for any situation, no matter the intensity.

Here’s what athletes are saying about MindSize:

“In a match yesterday...I was down 4 games to zero and applied the techniques to win seven games in a row and the match. As a former competitive tennis player who frequently lost my mental and emotional balance on the court, the experience of being able to focus and channel my athletic abilities into a state of flow during match play has been extremely rewarding and actually healing as I always felt I never reached my potential as a tennis player because of my mental lapses.”

- Kel B.

“Most people who are interested in training are looking for leverage. What can I do differently that will make an impact? There's a surprising amount of leverage in MindSize training because it's such unexplored territory for so many people. It's not unlike discovering the pull-up bar for the first time. All of a sudden you can work out a whole new group of muscles in a really efficient manner. If a person doesn't have a mental training program, they may not realize how much potential is waiting to be actualized.”

- Chad F.

“Mindsize is something that's very beneficial to improve your own game or help someone to improve theirs. It increases your awareness and makes you a more focused athlete.”

- Kika C.

MindSize Is the first training of its kind that teaches science-backed mindset skills that will help you address performance-related challenges such as:

  • Focus
  • ​Pain
  • ​Self-Doubt/Your Inner Critic
  • ​External Distractions
  • ​Endurance/Fatigue
  • ​Performance Anxiety
  • ​Stress
  • Mental and Emotional Suffering
  • Increased Fulfillment
  • ​Aversion to Training
  • ​And much more!

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or what sport you play, MindSize has you covered.

What you may not realize is that when you’re performing at your peak, you’re using three critical mindset skills at a very high level. 

These mindset skills apply to ALL forms of athletics and competition.

Concentration - Focusing on what you choose
Clarity - Tracking your experience in real time
Coolness - Reducing friction so the senses run smoothly

But if you’re off in some way—if these skills aren’t naturally showing up, and you find yourself challenged mentally, emotionally, and/or physically—it means you don’t have the right techniques and strategies in place to help you get back to your optimal level of performance.

That’s where MindSize comes in. 

We’re going to help you access that “peak performance mindset”’ you already have and give you the tools to do so with more consistency and intention.

Here’s How It All Breaks Down:

Week 1 - Concentration, Clarity, Coolness

In the introduction to MindSize, we’re going to focus on becoming aware of the most critical skills for peak performance and how to realize when we’re using them.

The Three Critical Skills (the 3 Cs): 

Concentration - ability to focus on what you choose at any given time 

Clarity - ability to track and explore what you’re experiencing in real time

Coolness - ability to allow experience to come and go, without any push or pull

Even if you’ve never had any mental training in your life, this module will show you how to recognize the skills you need to master your mindset so you can harness and use them later on. 


  • Recognize what optimal performance looks like so you can leverage this knowledge to refocus and recover
  • ​How to implement mindset training “in motion” during your workouts so that you don’t interfere with your regular routine 
  • ​How to create your plan before during and after workout to maximize practice time

Week 2 - How to Relax & Recharge

Now that you know how to harness your three critical skills of mental performance. It’s time to focus those tools on helping you relax when you find yourself in times of mental, physical, or emotional intensity.

Here you’ll discover how to conserve your energy so you can handle discomfort longer, how to refocus your attention to better handle intense physical pain, and how to restore your energy, right in the moment, to bring on that second wind.


  • Discover how to access calm when you’re dealing with a lot of noise and mental talk
  • ​Learn how to refocus your attention on neutral sensations so you can relax in times of high stress 
  • ​Release trapped tension to restore your energy

Week 3 - Seeing and Hearing Peak Performance

Use your mind to See and Hear positive outcomes to psych yourself up for peak performance or rehearse sport specific strategies.

Just like the classic example of visualizing yourself making a free throw or crossing the finish line, here we’ll teach you a way to both see and hear the end result. The MindSize difference is that you’ll be strengthening your mindset skills (the 3 Cs) at the same time. This takes a familiar mindset training method to the next level.


  • Learn how to harness mental efforts to support your end goal and heighten your focus
  • ​Use positive visualization and self-talk for sport specific outcomes
  • ​Elevate your base level of mindset skills at the same time for all around benefit

Week 4 - Daily (Mental) Skill Drills

Discover the FAST algorithm to apply these techniques and use them to practice at any point during the day without it taking any time away from what you’re already doing. In fact, spot applications of your mindset skills can actually increase your chances of acting effectively in any situation.


  • Learn 18 different MindSize techniques you can use to optimize performance before, during, and after a workout or competition
  • ​Discover strategies to convert any situation into a way to increase your baseline of peak performance skills
  • ​Learn how to harness your own naturally occurring high skill states so you can deepen and access them in more and more situations

Week 5 - Mastering Your Sport

Learn Sport-Specific techniques for competition - to manage pain, fatigue, pressure, stress, opponents, fans, coaches, and more. This is where you’ll learn the specific practices you can use during competition to stay focused and in a rhythm. 


  • Discover the three different types of competition and how to use mental training to maximize your performance in each specific type
  • ​Type 1: Between - Learn the specific strategies that apply to sports that have regular breaks in action, like tennis or golf
  • ​Type 2: During - Learn the specific strategies that apply to sports that have longer duration between breaks, like basketball, soccer or long distance running
  • ​Type 3: Bookend - Some sports have no clear breaks. They may be very fast, dangerous, complex or without a clear pause once you’ve begun. Learn the techniques that apply to most Olympic sports, like gymnastics, figure skating, and diving

Week 6 - Find Your Flow

Everyone loves that runner’s high or the endorphin rush at the end of a workout. What if you didn’t have to wait for those moments to experience that incredible buzz of energy? 

What if you could access it on demand and walk around feeling that energy all day long? Well, we’re not making any promises that will happen overnight. But, you can definitely move in that direction. Each step is more rewarding than the next, and we’ll show you how to get there, one step at a time.


  • In MindSize, Flow is a reward state you can train yourself into, over time. It’s like nature’s alka seltzer, breaking up all the microtensions in your body and mind
  • ​You’ll start with becoming aware of any movement or change in your physical state, no matter how ordinary
  • ​As your skills of Concentration, Clarity and Coolness increase, ordinary movement gets more and more interesting
  • ​With heightened CC&C, that incredible buzz of energy you get from your runner’s high can start to show up whether you’re running or not
  • ​Over time, that can get deeper and more consistent, increasing your energy resources and resilience

Week 7 - Preparing for Game Day

On the day of a game or event, you want to make sure you’re at your peak mental and physical level. That means your attention is fully focused, you’re able to adapt and rebound on the fly, you skillfully conserve energy and manage fatigue, and you have clarity of purpose, confidence and ease. 

This is what it’s all for: Preparing yourself for peak performance during competition, when all eyes are on you. Training for game day prepares you for any time you find yourself under pressure, whether during your sport or not!


  • Build your game day routine specific to your sport or competition and discover the step-by-step routine to achieve your peak mental state when the game starts
  • ​Take the FAST algorithm up a notch by accounting for every possible moment of the day. Bring greater intention and maintain a level of heightened mindset skills
  • ​Learn the exact methods that athletes at the highest level use to prepare their minds for the immense pressure, pain and fatigue during competition

Week 8 - Find Your Rhythm, Put It Into Practice

Like with any sport, practice makes perfect. It’s essential that you remain CONSISTENT so the skills you're developing continue to expand and impact all aspects of your life. We’ll teach you how to stay consistent and you’ll learn about your next steps for continuing your training. You’ll also receive personalized practice suggestions to integrate into your sports performances.

MindSize is High-Performance Mindset Coaching Producing Break-Thru Results!

You’ll Also Discover The
Revolutionary Micro-Hit Method...

Sounds groovy, right? That’s because it is.

This method of in-performance mindset adjustment is having incredible results with MindSize athletes.

Were you ever in the middle of a competition and just completely fell out of rhythm? You were playing great, then somehow, something happened. You lost your mental edge and you just couldn’t get it back. 

In a moment like that, self-doubt creeps in. The voice in your head kicks into high gear. You can’t stop focusing on the pain, the exhaustion or your inability to perform at the level you know you’re capable of. 

Our revolutionary “micro-hit” mental training technique is designed specifically to get your mind back into a heightened state of focus and concentration quickly, so you’re back in the moment, effectively managing pain, stress, exhaustion and self doubt...back in competition operating at peak performance.  

“The "microhits" technique is a breakthrough approach to integrating mindset training into your participation in any athletic activity.”

- Henry M.

Meet Your MindSize Coaches

Christian Straka

Christian is a tennis professional with 32 years of experience and in-depth expertise. He played on the international tennis circuit for 10 years and has been coaching professionals on all levels since 2001.  

For the past decade his focus turned to teaching the integration of mindset skills into sports, which he incorporates in his function as the Global Mindset Coach for adidas™ Runners, as well as with his personal and corporate clients.    

“Mindsize has everything you need to deal with the pressures of performing and competing at a high level. These teachings have shown me how to effortlessly reach flow states and be fully immersed in every moment. This course is an amazing guide to quieting your inner critic which will allow your innate talent to express itself freely.”

Mike Bryan - 2012 USA Olympic Gold Medalist
 World Record Holder for the most Grand Slam doubles titles (18), the most ATP men's doubles titles
(123), and the most weeks ranked World #1 Doubles Player (506)

“Since meeting and having the pleasure spend time with Christian, he has opened so many pathways in my mental capabilities to push further on an athletic front, but also to minimize and simplify the how to approach many aspects of life. His guided instruction has been life changing. One huge aspect that he does well, he highlights your strengths to lift and bring balance to the weaker aspects which brings inner calm”

Lee Ryan - 5x Guinness World Record Holder

Julianna Raye

Julianna is the Founder and Head Trainer at Unified Mindfulness, Julianna is devoted to deepening people’s understanding of research-supported mindfulness and empowering anyone to guide others in its practice.  

With more than 150 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both the mindfulness and Zen traditions, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal practice and has been training individuals and groups in the Unified Mindfulness™ system for 20 years.

"As a performer, learning mindfulness has been invaluable. Julianna is a great teacher of the most state-of-the art meditative techniques. Julianna's experience as a performer makes her uniquely qualified to teach men how to apply these techniques onstage."

James Valentine - Lead Guitarist of Maroon 5

"Julianna has been my meditation teacher for 5 years. She blends intelligence, sensitivity and  humor in a way that leads me to insights and deepens my practice. Her guided meditations are deep and poetic.  I am extremely grateful  for the way she has enhanced my life."

Paul Rubell - Academy Award Nominee

This is the first time this program has been offered in a self-paced, virtual format. 

This is your chance to learn from two of the most sought-after mindset coaches in the world to develop your own custom mindset plan specifically made for your athletic performance.

We want this coaching program to be accessible for everyone, no matter your athletic level or training. To inspire you to join us in this one-of-a-kind program we've also put together a few bonus resources that will help you get the extra support you need to make this coaching a game (and life) altering experience. 

Additional Support Resource #1

As you go through this training, you’re going to have questions. To help support you in your practice, you will receive 6 months of FREE access to our private coaching group. This group includes:

  • Daily, live-streamed, guided mindset practices from our coaches. (Mon. - Fri.)
  • ​Access to a massive collection of mindset guided audios. Listen to over 500 mindset techniques training audio that are available on-demand or by download so you can access them on the go 
  • ​Live monthly calls to connect directly with your teachers and coaches and get your specific questions answered 

This group is a place to connect, learn, and deepen your own practice in a dynamic environment available to you 24/7.

Current Private Group Coaching members pay $588 a year to be in this program.

Additional Support Resource # 2

Deepen Your Mindset Practice Packs - Advanced Practice

As you master your mental fitness, you’re going to want to go deeper and learn the more advanced strategies of the 3 C’s: Concentration, Clarity and Coolness. That’s where the Deepen Your Mindset advanced audio training comes in.

You’ll get access to over 20 hours of advanced mindset training so you can truly master your mindset for peak performance.

Additional Support Resource # 3

FREE Coaching Session with a MindSize Certified Coach

You’ll get on the phone with a Certified MindSize Coach too (actually, via video conference). In this live, small group coaching call, you’ll be able to get personalized feedback and guidance for developing your own customized mindset training plan to reach your own specific performance goals.

You’ll walk away from this training with a clear picture of what it looks like to train your mind like a pro athlete. This is a massive online course with hours of training to utilize, practice and perfect.

It’s an 8-week CRASH COURSE in dramatically leveling-up your mindset and maintaining PEAK mental and physical performance over the long term.

Yes, you get lifetime access to ALL of this...

Our Guarantee

MindSize is the most comprehensive, step-by-step mental training available for anyone who’s committed and excited to perform at levels they never thought possible. 

It goes without saying that we fully stand behind the MindSize training. 

We also acknowledge and honor your commitment to "do the work" necessary to improve your athletic performance too.  

So to make this absolutely risk-free, you have a full 30 days to try out the MindSize training program for yourself and IF you don’t feel this training is every bit as effective and transformational as we've described here or if you're in ANY way dissatisfied...

Just let our support team know here and you will receive a… 

100%, No-Questions-Asked Refund. 

So try it out and see what this training can do for you, risk free!  

Everything That’s Included When You Register Today...

  • Lifetime Access to the MindSize Training program including quizzes, pre/post competition plans, guided meditations and more.
  • Additional Support Resource #1: 6 Months of Private Group Coaching
  • Additional Support Resource #2: The Deepen Your Mindset Practice Packs

MindSize,  just $397

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Be A Professional Athlete To Participate In This Program?

No. Sports enthusiasts of all levels are welcome to join us in this live training program! All you need is a desire to develop the mindset skills used by world-class athletes, so you can perform at your optimal athletic levels more frequently and with longer duration.

Are The Classes Live?

No, MindSize is a 100% self-paced and online training program. All course materials will be hosted in your MindSize Athlete Dashboard, which you can access by clicking here.

How Do I Access MindSize?

All course materials will be hosted in your MindSize Athlete Dashboard, which you can access by clicking here.

Is There A Guarantee?

Of Course! You're either 100%, head-over-heels thrilled with the MindSize training or just contact us within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Do You Send Me Anything in the Mail?

No. This interactive training program is hosted on our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), so you can access the training from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - 24/7. 

How Long Will I Have Access To The MindSize Training?

You will have permanent online access to the training so that you can always refer back to specific modules to refresh or reinforce concepts and techniques.

How Do I Contact Support?

Just Click Here...

Still Undecided? 

You’re ready to achieve your peak mental and physical performance inside of MindSize if…

  • You’re just getting started with your mental fitness and you want to make sure you NAIL IT right out of the gate by using comprehensive, step-by-step, pro-level strategies
  • You’ve been struggling to integrate mindset skills into your sports performance for months (or even years!) but you can’t maintain the peak level of performance that you know you’re capable of for more than a “hot streak” here or there
  • You have no problem investing a few minutes a week as long as you know that you do not need to take any time away from the physical routine that’s already working. Every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in mastering your mental fitness to perform at your peak
  • You’re excited to try the revolutionary Micro-Hits, because it’s at the core of this one-of-a-kind mindset training program and it’s producing game-changing results for athletes of all levels. (And it really is groovy :-) 
  • You’re ready to be on the bleeding-edge of high performance athletics. This mindset program is revolutionizing the way people train, prepare, compete and recover in sports. Come be a part of the revolution

Our goal is to make this training accessible for everyone. If the only thing that's stopping you is the cost, then please send us an email and let us know about you and your situation and we'll find a way to get you into this training:  [email protected]

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