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Get Elite-Level Mindset Skills and Become Your Best Version...During Sports and Into All Aspects of Your Life

Mike Bryan - 2012 USA Olympic Gold Medalist
 World Record Holder for the most Grand Slam doubles titles (18), the most ATP men's doubles titles (123), and the most weeks ranked World #1 Doubles Player (506)

“Since meeting and having the pleasure spend time with Christian, he has opened so many pathways in my mental capabilities to push further on an athletic front, but also to minimize and simplify the how to approach many aspects of life. His guided instruction has been life changing. One huge aspect that he does well, he highlights your strengths to lift and bring balance to the weaker aspects which brings inner calm”

Lee Ryan - 5x Guinness World Record Holder

Here's What You'll Explore in the MindSize QuickStart Training...

The Three Critical Skills (the 3 Cs): 

Concentration - ability to focus on what you choose at any given time 

Clarity - ability to track and explore what you’re experiencing in real time

Coolness - ability to allow experience to come and go, without any push or pull

In the MindSize Quickstart Training, you're going to learn these 3 critical mental skills peak performance and how to realize when we’re using them through instruction and guided mindfulness practice.  And then you'll put these skills into action as you exercise or compete!

Your 9 Training Sessions in the Quickstart Include: 

  • The 3 C's, Noting & Labeling
  • Feel Out, Feel In, Feel Rest, Feel Space
  • ​Focus Strategies While Your Compete
  • ​Feel Out
  • ​Feel Out - Physical Rest
  • ​Feel Out - Breath Variation #1 - Staying with One Sensation
  • ​Feel Out - Breath Variation #2 - Moving Between Two Sensations
  • ​Feel Out - Notice All Body Sensations Simultaneously 
  • ​Feel Out - Move Attention from One Body Sensation to the Next

Meet Your MindSize Quickstart Instructor

Christian Straka

Global Mindset Coach for adidas™ Runners

Christian is a tennis professional with 32 years of experience and in-depth expertise. He played on the international tennis circuit for 10 years and has been coaching professionals on all levels since 2001.  

For the past decade his focus turned to teaching the integration of mindset skills into sports, which he incorporates in his function as the Global Mindset Coach for adidas™ Runners, as well as with his personal and corporate clients.    

Still Undecided? 

You’re ready to achieve your peak mental and physical performance inside of MindSize if…

  • You’re just getting started with your mental fitness and you want to make sure you NAIL IT right out of the gate by using comprehensive, step-by-step, pro-level strategies
  • You’ve been struggling to integrate mindset skills into your sports performance for months (or even years!) but you can’t maintain the peak level of performance that you know you’re capable of for more than a “hot streak” here or there
  • You have no problem investing a few minutes a week as long as you know that you do not need to take any time away from the physical routine that’s already working. Every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in mastering your mental fitness to perform at your peak
  • You’re excited to try the revolutionary Micro-Hits, because it’s at the core of this one-of-a-kind mindset training program and it’s producing game-changing results for athletes of all levels. (And it really is groovy :-) 
  • You’re ready to be on the bleeding-edge of high performance athletics. This mindset program is revolutionizing the way people train, prepare, compete and recover in sports. Come be a part of the revolution

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